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Отзывы зарубежных специалистов о выпускниках кафедры РВКС

"Dear Prof. Yuri Karpov, Petr Pchelko participated in the 2012 Janelia Undergraduate Summer program as a researcher in the Dudman lab. His achievements during this period were outstanding. He was tasked with devising an analysis framework to link the behavior of mice with simultaneously recorded neural activity. To accomplish this goal, he explored several methods including generalized linear models and random forests. He successfully clustered the behavior of mice into actions and discovered relationships between these actions and the activity of neurons. Petr accomplishments during his summer at Janelia Farm Research Campus demonstrated his abilities to independently pursue a challenging goal, his excellent attention to detail and his creativity." Gowan Tervo, Ph.D. Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farm Research Campus, Ashburn, VA,  USA

“Dear Prof. Karpov, We haven’t had the pleasure of meeting so far, but we have definitely benefited from the excellence of your students” John Lumley, Project Manager, HPLabs, UK

“We were so pleased with Vladimir’s visit to CAS this past Fall” Gabby Silberman, CAS Director, IBM , Toronto (О Володе Еракине)

“He has begun a very ambitious project that has attracted a great deal of scientific and industrial interest” Prof. Victor Yodaiken, New Mexico Inst of Technology (О Мише Барабанове)

“Sergei Dubinin has an excellent mix of theoretical and practical skills which have allowed him to make an excellent contribution to the project” Simon Towers, Head of Department, HPLabs, UK

“We appreciated his distinguished qualification both in fundamental issues (math, optimization theory, etc.) and applied information technologies” Prof. Kurth Rothermel, Dean, University of Stuttgart (О Гене Щемелеве)

“Dima’s work was of such a good standard that several HP divisions expressed a strong interest in simply taking his work to incorporate it into their own environment” Mike Beech, Project Manager, HPLabs, UK

“Hewlett Packard Laboratories prise awarded to Alexei Filippov for outstanding achievements in student’s Scientific Work in the Distributed Computing and Networks Department of Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University” Catherine Slater, University Relation Manager, HP

“Dmitry’s work was excellent; he made a very valuable contribution to the project. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to a prospective employer” Sheila O’Shea, Project Leader, System Silicon Software, Dublin, Ireland (О Диме Сотникове)

"I'd like to express my gratitude and appreciation for very solid mathematical foundations and computer science education that my former PhD student Dr Andrey Boytsov received at your department at StPetersburg Polytechnic University while he was your student between 2004 and 2008.

Andrey Boytsov was offered a PhD position at Lulea University of Technology, Sweden in 2009 and he became a PhD student in December, 2009. He also joined the dual PhD program Monash University, Australia - Lulea University of Technology, Sweden. He successfully graduated from this dual program by passing the written examination of his thesis according to Monash University PhD regulations in February, 2013 and oral public defence on 14 June, 2013 according to Lulea University of Technology regulations. His opponent was Prof Christian Becker from Mannheim University, Germany, and the examination committee included Professor Mihhail Matskin from KTH, Stockholm, Professor Claudia Roncancio from University of Grenoble, France and Professor Theo Kanter from Stockholm University. He was awarded the degree unanimously.

On a more informal level, I'd like to emphasize that all examiners of Andrey's dissertation noticed high and solid level of mathematical foundations of his work and his confidence in responding to questions and comments during the oral defence. From my side I'd like to highlight his excellent mathematical and computer science skills and fundamental knowledge that distinguished him from his fellow PhD students and both Monash University and Lulea University of Technology who were coming from all corners of the world, including India, China, Sweden, Australia and other countries. He definitely stood out among fellow PhD students thanks to his university background and theoretical foundations and I can attribute this to his education at StPbPolyU. I'm very confident he will succeed in his research and academic career and both you and I will be proud of him.

Thanks again for such a great fundamental education Dr Andrey Boytsov received at your department and keep up the excellent job of educating future students. I'll be looking forward to our future successful collaboration in educating future scientists and academics." Professor Arkady Zaslavsky, Pervasive and Mobile Computing Research Group, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden (об Андрее Бойцове)


Характеристики научной группы кафедры РВКС

“I met prof.Yuri Karpov about a year ago in Saint Petersburg and was very impressed by his group and his department. They are very keen on doing some offshore work, especially in the wide area of networking and Internet”  Mel Shalev, Quality Manager, IBM GPSG-EMEA Software Contracting

“Karpov’s group has much experience with foreign companies in the area of distributed system development and management of quality of service” Jue Haeng Lee, LG Technological Center

“Overall, I and my team found the technical expertise of the St.Petersburg team second to none. Their in-depth knowledge and insight were always helpful in progressing our own work” Mike Beech, Project Manager, HPLabs, UK