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05.09.2013 06:05 Давность: 9 yrs

Выпускник кафедры Д. Сотников отмечен как ведущий эксперт на конференции JavaOne

Компания Oracle, являющаяся организатором конференции JavaOne, отметила выпускника кафедры Д. Сотникова как "featured speaker", т.е. опытного и состоявшегося профессионала в области технологий Java.

Dmitry Sotnikov is COO and Chief Technology Strategist at Jelastic ( Jelastic offers the only Java Platform-as-a-Service on the market: it can run and scale any Java application with no code changes required, offers a wide choice of popular application and database servers including GlassFish, Tomcat, Jetty and TomEE; and is available from multiple hosting providers around the globe. Sotnikov has 14 years of experience working in infrastructure management, and is the author of multiple whitepapers. He is a regular blogger and presenter at numerous trade shows, including JavaOne, MMS, WinHEC, VMWorld, reMIX, IT Forum, Platforma, and TechEd.