Videolesson for high school students by Prof. Yuri Senichenkov

Creative Teamwork Environment for Computer Science Education

Project leader: Prof. Yuri G. Karpov

Project IT leader: Associate Prof. Peter V. Trifonov

Distributed Computing and Networking Department has been announced among  winners of  the Hewlett-Packard Innovation in Education Grant Initiative '2009 Contest.  The proposed project  "Creative Teamwork Environment for Computer Science Education" addresses the following major tasks:

  1. Schooling computer engineers highly competent in modern software technologies, including parallel programming.
  2. Development of interactive teamwork learning environment stimulating students for deeper studying.
  3. Providing profound hands-on experience to the students via integration of modern modeling technologies into the educational process.
  4. Deployment of currently available communication techniques for broader knowledge dissemination.

Currently the donated equipment is used for:

  • delivering the lectures of department professors via the Internet;
  • training the students in the area of parallel programming (activity supported by Intel Corp.);
  • providing interactive educational resources.
  • implementing open videolessons to high school students.
  • enabling students to access remotely the computing resources and software licenses

We are working on incorporating further innovative tecnologies into our educational process.