International scientific and technical conference "Computer Modeling and Simulation-2014 (COMOD-2014)"

International Scientific and Technical Conference Computer Modeling and Simulation -2014 (COMOD-2014) will be held on 2-4 July, 2014  in the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University.

Chairman of the Conference
Prof. A.I.Rudskoy, corresponding member of the RAS

Prof. N.V.Korovkin (Saint Petersburg)
Prof. Yu.B.Senichenkov (Saint Petersburg)
Prof. F. Breitenecker, Ph.D. (Austria)

Programm Committee
Prof. E.A.Novikov (Krasnoyarsk)
Prof. S.N.Pozdnyakov (Saint Petersburg)
Prof. N.A.Tseligorov (Rostov-on-Don)
Prof. Yu.V.Shornikov (Novosibirsk)
Prof. A. Grebennikov, Dr. (Mexico)
Prof. A. Makarov, Dr.-Ing. (Germany)

Organizing Committee:
Prof. Yu.B.Senichenkov

Members of the Organizing Committee
Prof. R.M. Yusupov, corresponding member of the RAS (Saint Petersburg)
Prof. N.N. Bakhtadze (Moskow)
Prof. A.A. Vorshevsky (Saint Petersburg)
Prof. V.V. Korablev (Saint Petersburg)
Prof. E.N. Popkov (Saint Petersburg)
Prof. V.V. Titkov (Saint Petersburg)
Prof. E.N. Fominich (Saint Petersburg)
Prof. F.H. Khalilov (Saint Petersburg)
Prof. S.L. Shishigin (Vologda)
Prof. E.B. Yagunova (Saint Petersburg)
A.L. Smirnova - Head of Dept. (Saint Petersburg)

International Organizing Committee:
Prof. F.Breitenecker (Austria)
Prof. F.Esquembre, Ph.D. (Spain)
Prof. A.Grebennikov, Dr. ( Mexico)
Prof. S.Divjak, Ph.D. (Slovenia)
Prof. I.Troch, Ph.D. (Austria)
Prof. S.Tkachenko (Germany)
Prof. A.Urquia, Ph.D. (Spain)
Prof. A. Makarov, Dr.-Ing. (Germany)

The purpose of the conference

 Complex natural, technical and industrial systems require complex mathematical models and sophisticated technology to develop, research and visualization. Modern visual simulation environments are the basis of these technologies and are used in scientific research, industrial design, education.
 Significant attention will be paid to the joint operation of complex technical systems, problems of electromagnetic compatibility. Consideration of the problems of mathematical modeling in electric power industry, again becoming more and more popular in Russia will be new for the COMOD - 2014.
 We invite developers of modern media of visual simulation, specialists in the field of EMC, mathematical modeling in electrical engineering and electric power industry, users creating with help of these systems mathematical models of complex dynamical systems, scientists, offering new models, methods and simulation software, to talk about their advance in this area and share their experiences. We are particularly looking forward to the youth.

 The Conference Subjects:

  • mathematical and numerical modeling;
  • development and application of visual modeling environment of complex dynamic systems;
  • modeling in electrical engineering and electric power industry;
  • electromagnetic compatibility;
  • computer tools in education;
  • projects of young scientists;
  • author's presentation of new books;
  • author's presentation of software systems;
  • information about planned and completed theses;
  • author's lectures about software products and subsequent issuance of certificates.

Working language of the Conference: English. 

 Work plan of sections

Section 1. Mathematical and numerical modeling
(Moderators: А. Grebennikov, A. Zemljak, N.N. Bakhtadze, Е.А. Novikov,
R.М. Yusupov)

Mathematical models of complex dynamical systems. Numerical simulation of complex dynamic systems - methods and software. Tools of computational experiments.

Section 2. Development and application of visual simulation environment of complex dynamic systems
(Moderators: F. Breitenecker, I. Troch, A. Makarov, Yu.B. Kolesov, Yu.B. Senichenkov, Yu.V. Shornikov)

Languages of object-oriented modeling. Architecture and capabilities of visual modeling (simulation) environments. Methods of automatic formation and transformation of mathematical models. Numerical libraries of simulation environments. Organization of computational experiment. Debugging and verification of computer models. Applied libraries. Tools for research, testing and optimization of computer models.

Section 3. Modeling in electrical engineering and electric power industry
(Moderators: N.V. Korovkin, V.V. Titkov, E.N. Popkov, F.H. Khalilov,
S.L. Shishigin)

Hybrid Power System, Grounding;
Smart Grid Technology & Applications;
Power System Planning, Stability, Reliability and Security;
Power Quality Issues;
Energy Efficient & Power Saving Technology;
FACTS Technologies;
Optimization Techniques in Power Engineering;
Application of Soft Computing Techniques in Power System Design & Management;
Future Energy Technologies;
Recent Advances In Renewable Energy Generation & Conservation (Wind, Solar, Tidal and Wave);
Superconductivity Application in Power Engineering.

Section 4. Electromagnetic compatibility
(Moderators: N.V. Korovkin, A.A. Vorshevsky, E.N. Fominich, S.V. Tkachenko)

Computational Electromagnetics, PCB, Transmission Lines & Cables, Shielding, EM Absorber, Material in EMC Applications, Meta-materials, Human exposure to ELF/RF EM fields, Biological Effects, Wired & WireLess Communications, Antennas, Propagation & Scattering, Power Line Communications.

High Voltage EMC & Power System EMC:
Lightning & Overvoltage Protection, Intentional EMI & EMP, High Power Electromagnetics.

EMC Measurements & EMC Management and Standards:
Measurement & Instrumentation, Measurement Techniques, EMC Tests, Standards & Regulations, EMC Education.

Section 5. Computer tools in Education
(Moderators: F. Esquembre, S. Divjak, S.N. Pozdnyakov, E.B. Yagunova)

Technologies of development and use of computer models in education, training computer models for different areas, new laboratory works, textbooks and lectures on modeling. Propaganda of modeling: competitions, journals and publishing projects.

Section 6. Projects of young scientists
(Moderator: Yu.B. Senichenkov)

Computer models, new areas and methods for desing and research of computer models, simulation software and systems research, created by graduate and PhD students.

Section 7. Author's presentation of new books

Authors of books, textbooks, educational and methodological complex on the conference subjects are invited.

Section 8. The author's presentation of software products

Authors of the program complexes on the conference subjects are invited.

Section 9. Presentation of planned and completed dissertations

All who are interested to discuss their dissertations on the conference subject are invited. Working language - Russian.

Section 10. Author's lectures about software products with subsequent issuance of certificates

Authors of software products capable during 6 lectures and 3 workshops to teach the participants to work with their products and give certificates those who successfully passed the final test are invited.
The Rand-service company and Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University conduct a course of video-conferences «Using Rand Model Designer in the industry and education». This distance learning course will be completed in computer classes during the conference days. Students who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate from the Rand-service company.

Form of presentation and type of publication


Form of
LanguagePublication in the
Conference Proceedings
Engl./Russian -
as an exception
Abstracts in English
Engl./Russian -
as an exception
Abstracts in English
Engl.Abstracts in English
Paper in English
Engl.Abstacts in English
Paper in English

After reviewing all the reports will be divided into two groups: (oral presentations and poster presentations), (sectional and invited papers). Only papers of the second group (sectional and invited papers) and all accepted abstracts will be published in the CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS.
Papers of the second group can be recommended for publication in journals:
   «Computer tools in education»  (List of HAC),
   «Scientific and technical news of SPbSPU»  (List of HAC),
   «A new University magazine»  (List of HAC, in English).

Conference Proceedings will be presented on USB flash drive. Printed (hard) copy of the Proceedings will be available upon prior request from the Organizing Committee for 1200 roubles.

How to submit abstracts and papers at the conference

All abstracts/papers are accepted only via the conference-machine To submit abstracts/paper, the author must register on the conference page in the conference-machine at , get login and password, visit the conference page and upload a single file of your abstract and/or paper. All downloaded materials should be submitted as pdf-file.
Proceedings of the conference will include sectional and invited papers and abstracts (more than 1/2 page) in English as far as they are supposed to be included into the Scopus database.
If the participant of the conference is not interested in the publication of the paper in English, he can send only an abstracts in English and present his paper in Russian or English. The same applies to the poster session.

Abstracts/reports sent by e-mail will not be considered.

Rules for abstracts and papers

All abstracts/reports must be submitted in strict accordance with the template and will be checked automatically. Mismatch template can serve as a formal reason for rejection of abstracts/report. You can see the template and download it here.
Example of the formatted paper.

Important dates:

  • 1 May, 2014  - deadline for abstracts submission;

  • 20 May, 2014  - deadline for the author notification that his abstract/report is accepted.

Conditions for participation in the Conference

International Scientific and Technical Conference will be held on 2-4 July, 2014 in the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University (Main Building. Address: ul. Politekhnicheskaya 29 (Metro station "Politekhnicheskaya").
Besides the participation in the plenary and sectional meetings of the conference, participants will be able to take a bus tour around St. Petersburg, as well as boat trip across rivers and canals of St. Petersburg with a gala dinner on the board.
Registration fee includes meals (koffee-breaks, lunches and dinner on the board of ship), excursions, transport and a conference bag (set of participant).
Excursions to Peterhof and Tsarskoye Selo (Catherine Palace and Park with visiting the amber room) are extra paid.

To participate in the Conference send the registration form to the e-mail address COMOD14(at)
File name with a registration form must include the name and initials of the participant. For example: ivanov_ak_reg.

Registration fee

Foreign participants can pay the registration fee in rubles or euro:
before 12 June - 300 euro,
after 12 June (at registration) - 350 euro.

Postgraduate students and students - 100 euro.

Payment methods
You can pay by bank transfer or by cash at registration.
All information on bank accounts see here.
In the payment by bank transfer, please do not forget to write the title of the Conference (COMOD-2014) and your name.
Participants wishing to pay by a bank must cover transaction charges.


     Hotel "Sputnik" *** (Prosp. Morisa Toreza, 36).

NB: Hotel reservation is carried out  through the Organizing Committee of the Conference.

Information for contact

Organizing Committee of SPbSPU
ul. Politekhnicheskaya 29
195251 Saint Petersburg

General information:
Alla L. Smirnova
Tel/fax: +7 (812) 297 20 88
Lidia Papina
Tel./fax: +7 (812) 552 85 34

Abstracts/papers submission:
Yuriy B. Senichenkov
Elena A. Slok
Tel/fax: +7 (812) 297 16 39,
+7 (812) 297 07 29


Registration Form
Registration on the Conference and download abstracts/papers
Bank Account
Template of the formatted paper
Example of the formatted paper





COMOD-2014 News

Dear colleagues! 

1. Russian National Simulation Society is an observer member of the Federation of European Simulation Societies – EuroSim. President of EuroSim - Esko Juuso (SIMS), Secretary - Borut Zupancic (SLOSIM). The first meeting of NSS and EuroSim will take place during COMOD 2014. We have invited Esko Juuso and Borut Zupancic to give a COMOD’s Plenary Lectures.

2. Research student A.A. Isakov (St. Petersburg state polytechnic university) will present his Phd thesis «OpenMVL_Shell is Open-Source tool for modeling and simulation complex dynamical systems». Research student N.N. Dostovalov (Novosibirsk state technical university) will present his Phd thesis «Specification and interpretation of transient process for electric power industry models».

3. Yu. B. Senichenkov will give short course of lectures «Rand Model Designer for Beginners and Experts».   

4. The Program of Conference COMOD-2014.