Программа международного семинара "Компьютерное моделирование сложных динамических систем" (КОМОД-2012)

Ознакомиться с программой международного семинара "Компьютерное моделирование сложных динамических систем" (КОМОД-2012) можно здесь

Computering Modelign

Dear colleagues,

Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University is going to renew the conference «Computer Modeling and Simulation of complex dynamic systems» on the new international level.

The first conference (COMOD-2013) is to be held in Saint-Petersburg in September, 2013.

The conference will have the following sessions:

1. Mathematical models of Complex Dynamic systems (CDS).

2. Software for modeling and simulation CDS.

3. Computer tools in Education.

4. Practical computer model of CDS.

5. Student's competition in modeling and simulation.

The future conference has two goals: to give an opportunity for professionals to speak about modeling and simulation in plenty and to present the Russian modeling community to the European community (EuroSim).

We invite the future COMOD-2013 organizers to visit workshop "Pre-COMOD-2012". "Pre-COMOD-2012" will take place in Saint-Petersburg on 20-21 September, 2012. We are going to form the Program and Organizing Committees and give a careful consideration to the problem of reviewing conference's reports and selecting deserving papers for publication in Journals. We want also to test the university "conference" services and estimate their professionalism and capability to hold an international conference (conference dinner first of all).

Workshop includes the work of two sessions and courses:
1. Organizational
2. Russian media of modeling complex dynamic systems
3. Competence training courses

Working languages: Russian and English.

The work plan of sessions:

     1. Organizational
      (Head of session - Prof. Yu.B. Senichenkov)

Researchers and employees from the Russian universities and industrial organizations who wish to participate in the Program and Organizing Committees of the Conference COMOD-13 are invited to attend.

Planned papers:

1.1 Yu.B. Senichenkov. Annual International Conference COMOD. Tasks and mechanism of work.
1.2 R.M. Yusupov. From the national to the Russian simulation society.
1.3 A.M. Plotnikov. NP "NOIM" The societyactivity for 2012-2013.
1.4 S.N. Pozdnyakov. Journal "Computer Tools in Education".

     2. Russian media of modeling complex dynamic systems
(Head of session - Prof. Yu. B. Kolesov)

Software developers, creators of the applied libraries, users who have practical experience of modeling the media application in industry and education are invited. Submitted papers will be published in the Proceedings of the Workshop, the best presentation - in Journal "Computer Tools in Education" and in the Bulletin "Scientific and Technical Bulletin of the Polytechnical University".
       Applications for talks have been already submitted:
       2.1 Yu.Kolesov. Computer experiment in the RMD mtdium
       2.2 Yu. B. Senichenkov. RMD in Education
       2.3 A.A. Isakov. Project Open MVL.
       2.4 A.V. Borshchev. Medium  anyLogic
       2.5 Yu.V. Shornikov, D.N.Dostovalov. Modeling of hard hybrid systems with one -syded events in the mtdium ISMA

      3. Competence training course
       (Company Rend-service)

Starting from the 1st September 2012 in the State Polytechnic University are organized video conferences, where a series of lectures "Using the Rand Model Designer in industry and education" will be given. During the Workshop the extension courses will be completed in the computer classes. Students who successfully complete the training will receive certification and certificates of advanced training.

       Conditions for participation in the Workshop

To participate in the Workshop

1. Registration form should be sent to the email address expert2(at)spbstu.ru . File with the registration form must contain the name and initials of the participant. For example: ivanov_ak_reg.

2. To submit abstracts/papers, review, and for communication with the authors please use a conference system easychair.org. Please register to the conference system at the COMOD-2012 Workshop webpage, get a login and password, go to COMOD-2012 Workshop webpage and download the abstract (preferably in English).
     Deadline for abstracts submission - July 16.

3. After confirmation of the receipt ofabstracts, visit the Workshop webpage and download the report in pdf-format file. 
     Deadline for reports submission - 1st September.

4. Pay the registration fee.

Rules for papers

The paper of text up to 6 pages with drawings, graphs and tables in the format A4 (21x29 cm). Font Times New Roman, pins - 11pt, spacing 1, page margins, top and bottom - 2.5 cm, left and right - 2 cm. Title must be centered on the subject (16pt Times New Roman, Bold, Centered). 2nd line - surname and initials of authors (Capital, 12pt Times New Roman, centered); 3rd and 4th row - country, organization, e-mail address (12pt Times New Roman, centered).
After skipping two lines should be abstract in English (Italic). Then again, skipping two lines, and then specify key words (Italic, 6-8 words).
After the keywords after missing one string is the text (11pt Times New Roman, justified).
Example of the formatted paper see hear. We recommend using this example as a template for the paper.

Registtration fee

Foreign participants can pay the registration fee in rubles or euro:
before September 1 - 200 euro,
at registration - 250 euro.

The fee for participation in the Workshop and competence training courses (8,000 rubles) is to be paid by August 25.

Payment methods
You can pay by bank transfer or by cash at registration. The bank accounts see hear.
In the payment by bank transfer, please do not forget to write the title of the conference (COMOD-2012) and your name.
Participants wishing to pay by a bank must cover transaction charges.

Registration fee includes

1. A set of participants with collection of reports on CD-ROM
2. Proceedings of the Workshop onpaper
3. Coffee breaks
4. City tour


1. Hotel "Sputnik"*** (Prosp. Morisa Toreza, 36)
2. University Hotel (Grazhdansky prosp., 28)

About hotels see hear.


The opening of the Workshop and sessions of the 1st and 2nd days will be held in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University at the address: Polytekhnicheskaya str., 21, 9th Educational Building, office 121 (Metro station "Ploshchad' Muzhestva").

Addresses for contact

Organizing Committee of SPbSPU
ul. Polytekhnicheskaya 29
195251 Saint Petersburg
Russian Federation

General information:
Alla L. Smirnova
Liubov' Yu. Stotskaya
Tel/fax: +7 (812) 297 20 88

Abstracts/papers submission:
Elena A. Slok
Tel/fax: +7 (812) 297 16 39

Workshop website: http://dcn.ftk.spbstu.ru division Conferences


Best regards,

Yuri Senichenkov

Workshop Chairman