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13.05.2011 06:00 Давность: 11 yrs
Категория: Семинар

Jacket Matrices and Their Applications to Mobile Communications

Prof. Moon Ho Lee, Chonbuk National University, Korea

Dr. Moon Ho Lee, the inventor of Jacket Matrices, will be delivering a seminar on the properties, construction and diverse applications of these jacket matrices. The idea of the jacket matrix was originally motivated by the center-weighted Hadamard matrices. The inverse of a jacket matrix can be easily calculated, since its inverse is obtained by taking element-wise inverse of the original matrix. Such matrices have wide applications in a variety of areas such as signal processing, communications and cryptography. Some of these applications will be considered in these presentations.

Biography : Dr. Moon Ho Lee is a professor and former chair of the Department of Electronics Engineering in Chonbuk National University, Korea. He received the Ph.D degrees from Chonnam National University, Korea in 1984, and from the University of Tokyo, Japan in 1990 both Electrical Engineering. Last year he was conferred an honorary doctorate from the Bulgaria Academy of Sciences. Dr. Lee has made significant original contributions in the areas of mobile communication code design, channel coding, and multidimensional source and channel coding. He is the inventor Jacket Matrices. He has authored 34 books, 129 papers in international journals, and 140 papers in domestic journals, and delivered 250 papers at international conferences. Dr. Lee is a member of the National Academy of Engineering in Korea and the National Academy of Mathematical Sciences in India, and a Foreign Fellow of the Bulgaria Academy of Sciences


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