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02.02.2017 10:13 Давность: 5 yrs
Категория: Новости науки

CIMPA Research School on quasi-cyclic and related algebraic codes

September 11-22, 2017, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

This school is an introduction to subjects of algebraic coding theory and quasi cyclic codes. The purpose of this school is to introduce young mathematicians and students to the foundations of the the study of error correcting codes by means of algebra over finite rings and finite fields. Powerful decoding algorithms and connections with geometric codes will be emphasized when relevant.  Applications to convolutional codes will be presented . It will consist of 6 courses which will be delivered by 6 courses given by San Ling, Ferruh Özbudak, Buket Özkaya, Joachim Rosenthal, Roxana Smarandache and Olfa Yemen. Moreover  there will be around 15 talks on topics related to School's concentration, given by different speakers. All courses and talks will be in English.

Deadline for registration: June 11, 2017